Tips to Planning the Perfect Weekend Getaway

Planning the perfect weekend getaway is so exciting. It’s a couple of days away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s a chance to escape from your home town and go somewhere, even if you stay in your own country or maybe hop on a plane, take advantage of the great weekend deals and head off to an exotic seaside location. A weekend getaway can give you the relaxation and rejuvenation boost you need to kick start your week.

Before you start booking and searching for great weekend getaways, you need to know what type of holiday you want. Do you want to go to an exotic seaside location and stay in a five star resort? Do you want to head to the countryside and enjoy natural trails, some cycling and adventure walks? Do you want to take to the snow capped peaks and learn to ski or snowboard? There are so many options, so having an idea on what you want for your weekend can help you find the best deals that come in within your budget.

The next thing to remember is the types of accommodation available. If you can five star is always enjoyable as you have the best of everything, sheer luxury, elegance and outstanding service. But don’t be fooled, three and four star accommodation can be just as rewarding, bearing in mind that every country has their own rating systems. Know if you want a double room, a twin room, adjoining rooms or an apartment or suite which can accommodate you and your family with ease. This will narrow down your search considerably.

Know who you are travelling with, this can make your decision so much easier. Travelling as a family can be exhausting, especially if you have younger children. In these cases look for weekend getaways where there are things for the children to do to reduce the risk of boredom and ensuring that you have the best holiday experience. As a group of friend, find friends that are interested in the same things as you so that you know your weekend will be one filled with fun and excitement, good laughs and much needed relaxation.

Further, you will want to take a close look at inclusive deals and this is why. Inclusive deals sometimes include your flights and airport transfers, so you pay one price for everything. You can find deals that include breakfast or dinner bed and breakfast, those seaside resorts may throw in some waterspouts or a massage at their on-site spa. Find out about the inclusive deals so you can choose which ones best meet your particular requirements.

You will want to set yourself a budget for your entire weekend. This is so important. If you do choose a holiday deal that isn’t inclusive, you may find you spend considerably more than you were anticipating, which can restrict your weekend and stop you doing things you may have enjoyed. With your budget in mind, you can browse the inclusive deals, see which ones are the best value for money and then book those, leaving yourself some spending money to ensure your weekend getaway is a complete success.

The final tip to a weekend getaway is to have some fun, enjoy yourself. Put your feet up, relax and make the most of your time away from home. Some people recommend turning off your phone and staying away from the internet. If you want to use your phone for photographs, maybe consider turning it onto airplane mode, so you only use the device as a camera. The calls and messages you can deal with when you are back home or in the office.

Three Ways to Take Over a Customer’s Mind and Heart

What’s the most crucial element in successfully running and sustaining a business? Good Quality product/services? Excellent marketing strategies? Or retaining a handsome number of customers? Compare all three and I’m sure we’ll all unanimously agree with the third. Actionable measures to make customers stay with you and working towards increasing this demographic is going to help any business stay in the business for a long time. You have to grab the attention of your customers from the word go, with your products and services.

This is an era of super competitiveness and everyone thrives to be at the top of their game. The contention to make a place with your brand and to maintain its value is a difficult task. In the early days, there were TV advertisements or hoardings for creating a brand value of a product but things work differently now. The concept of digital marketing has taken over the market by storm. More and more people rely on smartphones and the internet to know about a brand.

Allow us to throw some light on different marketing strategies and the impact they print on consumers mind.

Social Media:

Any marketing or promotional activity social media today is the easiest access to garner desired attention. With social media, you can:

Have close interaction with your consumers through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and much more to capture proper feedback and reviews.

If you’re lauded with good reviews then highlight them and make sure they reach your followers. This way you’re likely to acquire a good name for your brand.

Being on social media proves to be very advantageous to brands as it gives them an opportunity to connect personally with customers that ultimately increases loyalty.

Share posts, trivia, and photographs or even animated videos related to your product on social media websites on regular basis. The audience keeps this in mind and that gives your product an extra edge in the buyer’s purchasing decision.


One of the most trustworthy marketing strategy out there to engage, inform and educate customers about your offering (product/service). Some of the profitable perks in inducing blogs as part of a marketing strategy include:

Building trust

Customers at the center of communication

You can elaborate on the special features of your products and services and gain advantage over competitors

Greater chances of strengthening the loyalty of customers.


The world where technology practically governs the way we live, video marketing has become one of the smartest ways for brand promotion. Animated marketing videos, explainer videos, business videos and a host of others to attract customers. People actually prefer watching videos to know about a brand. What you can do is:

Include some fascinating facts about your product/service that will make the customer prefer you over your competitors.

Share your marketing videos on maximum social media sites for maximum promotion and brand visibility.

We hope these tips help you win valuable customers and make them choose you every time, leaving your competitors behind. Good luck!